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Elsa & Anna Captured Making Magic Memories at Play & Parties

Play & Parties is excited to share some amazing images taken at our Frozen Theme Party last week. Princesses are very versatile these days, and we agreed to let one of our most talented performers, Mia Rasinski, show off what she can do behind a camera lens. The results were stunning. Maybe it is because as a performer herself, she knows the moments to capture.

The best party was seeing the absolute transformation of the little birthday girl from the beginning of her party, where she was admittedly a little timid and by the end of the event....well she was just "letting it go".....The smile on her face says it all.

The truly unique thing about doing a party here, is the lack of stress on the famlies. Parties are a lot of work, from the invitations, cake, and decor to the important planning of activities and entertainment. Because Creative Parties For Kids has been hosting and planning events for over 36 years, we have fun down to a formula, and that magic potion always hits the spot.

You are pretty much guaranteed to have a successful fun event.

Every detail is handled so you can relax, enjoy and with someone else capturing the moments, you can truly be in the moment yourself.

Congratulations to Miss Mia on your debut as a the princess of photos here at our castle.


Lisa Karen Cohen, The StoryLady.

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