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We offer a fun variety of interactive experiences for children. These experiences are $15 per child, per class, but sign up for our monthly membership which is $60 dollars for your first child, $40 for each additional child for unlimited monthly classes.

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These experiences are $15 per child, per class, but sign up for our monthly membership which is $60 dollars for your first child, $40 for each additional child and you can come all you want. 

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Every MONDAY @ 10:30am

Tiny Tutus Ballet

Recommended Ages: 0-4 yrs

Come ready to explore ballet in a fun & creative way. Children will sing songs, learn basic ballet positions,stretches and exercises. Feel free to dress up & get ready to have fun.


Every MONDAY @ 4:30pm

Rising Stars Ballet

Recommended Ages: 3-7 yrs

Beginning Ballet Dance taught in a fun and yet correct way. Learn basic dance positions and steps to create a beautiful ballet share time show at the end of every class. Ages 4 and up


Every TUESDAY @ 10:30am

Grownup & Me Yoga

Recommended Ages: 0-6 yrs

Learn fun yoga positions & creative movement. Yoga mats are provided and parents are welcome to come and join. Ages starting at 2-5 years. Younger ones will need the parent to participate with them.

Every TUESDAY @ 4:30pm

Superhero Training

Recommended Ages: 2-6 yrs

Every week a new Superhero will train young heroes to be strong, brave, courageous and just! 


Every WEDNESDAY @ 10:30 am and 4:30pm

Princess Play Time

Recommended Ages: 3-8 yrs

This experience is like a weekly princess party. Guests will get to hear their favorite princess songs, as well as other favorite tunes! Kids of all ages can enjoy singing, dancing, and playing with their favorite Princesses.


Every THURSDAY @ 10:30am

Grownup & Me Music

Recommended Ages: 0-6 yrs

Learn music through singing fun kids songs, playing instruments, parachute games, and more! Taught by Lisa Cohen, The StoryLady, there are often puppets, bunnies and stories too!

Every THURSDAY @ 4:30pm

Royal Training Academy

Recommended Ages: 3-8 yrs

Join a different Princess each week as she trains young Knights and Ladies of the realm in the ways of chivalry, bravery, kindness, and grace!

Every FRIDAY @ 10:30am

Special Guest Playtimes

Recommended Ages: 3-8 yrs

Come on in and play with your favorite friends - like Blue, or Baby Shark, or Fairies. There are fun games, sing a long, bubbles, parachutes with balls and always a chance to take photos.

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Every FRIDAY @ 3:30PM

Painting Class

Recommended Ages: Kids to 99!!

Come and Join Us for a Fun Kids Painting Class with Mathew Santa Oro.
Mathew is a local art teacher who teaches both at Bowers Museum and Brush Strokes.
We are so excited to have him join our Play & Parties Team.

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Rising Stars Ballet

Recommended Ages: 3-8 yrs

 A fun, creative approach to ballet through imagery, songs & creative play. Participants are not required to wear official ballet attire. If you have the ability ballet leotards, tights and shoes would be preferred.



$200 - 1 Hr Photoshoot

Book a private photo session with the character of your choice!
This includes the character, the photographer and a backdrop to match the theme.