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Play and Parties is the premier birthday party venue in Orange!

What is play & parties? Play & Parties is a full-service Party Planning Company, Venue, and Entertainment Center located in Orange, CA. We are dedicated to creating unforgettable events for our clientele. We combine over 30 years of experience with inspiration and ingenuity, transforming our venue and providing guests with truly unique experiences. At Play & Parties, we put our clients’ wishes at the forefront, customizing unique events that are perfectly suited to their needs. Interested in visiting us? Read on to learn more about what we offer.


Lisa Cohen a.k.a "The Story Lady" created Play & Parties after successfully running her first company Creative Parties For Kids for over 30 years. With her background in dance, BA in theater and Masters in Educational Administration she turned Creative Parties For Kids from a business run in her garage into an award winning locally recognized party powerhouse! Ready for a new challenge she started Play & Parties with the intent of creating a premier party venue where customers can have the perfect party without having to lift a finger. And create it she did! Now Play & Parties hosts multiple events as well as classes, playtimes, and more! Cohen has managed to accomplish all this while also being a children's author and tv host.


Our gorgeous venue is always dressed for a party! Booking a party at Play & Parties comes with themed decorations, a character of your choice, games, a personalized cake, cupcakes, boxed lunches and more! There is a stage for royal coronations, a photo wall, and even balloon clouds! Children and adults alike will revel in the whimsical and cheerful atmosphere the venue provides. When Play & Parties is not hosting a private event come and play in the joyful space with our weekly character appearances or take a painting class with our painting instructor.


Come by and play with your favorite characters during our BFF playtimes! Every week a new character from the most popular films and tv shows pops in to play with participants for 45 minutes. Furry mascot friends also make an appearance every week. Playtimes are full of games, freeze dance, story times, sing a longs, and sometimes even parachutes! Superheroes will teach their friends how to be brave and conquer obstacle courses while princesses will teach their subjects the ways of royalty.


Play & Parties offers charming, enriching, and energetic classes Monday through Friday! Give your little ones a chance to get their wiggles out during our Tiny Dancers class. Enjoy a painting class with our esteemed painting instructor. Grow your little ones imagination and motor skills at our Craft & Story Time class. Classes are always evolving and changing so book your favorite class today and watch your children's social skills and knowledge grow!

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