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If You Can Dream It We Can Do It... Is surely the motto of our Party Planners here at Play & Parties

There is no limit to a child’s imagination and so if a little girl dreams of a Cinderella Unicorn Party then we get to work gathering bits and pieces of all the things that make such dreams a reality!

Cinderella Unicorn Party Cake Table

Cinderella Unicorn Party Decor

Play & Parties is a unique party space because we have at our fingertips the resources to mix and match a wide variety of themes & this party was no exception. When decorating for Melanie’s 3rds birthday It was super fun combining the soft pastels of a Cinderella party with the rainbow fun of a Unicorn theme.

Cinderella and Unicorn entertaining at birthday party

The real magic began when Cinderella entered the room and she and her unicorn friend took the party guests on a magical journey where they danced and played. Of course, as with many events the crowd is not all one age or developmental level and it would not have been the same without the 8 year old who decided to wear a dragon mask the entire time! This is where the skill of the performers kick in and they learn to incorporate & include all of the guests to make it super fun and memorable.

I think one of my favorite parts of the party was watching the lovely birthday Mom sit in the royal birthday chair and get to watch and film her daughter being adorable and fully engaged. It is truly our honor to bring families together and to create a memorable, meaningful and fun experience for all.

Everyone from our party staff to performers work very hard to make this all seem effortless and it makes it all worth it when we not only see the smiles on our guests faces but when we wake up to a 5 star yelp review the next day! We would like to thank everyone on our team from our talented and dedicated costumer & wig artist Melanie Hinchee to our party staff Maria and Hannah to the stars of the show Cinderella (Mallory Kerwin) and Uni the Unicorn (Mia Rasinski). And of course none of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of John Cox our CEO and “Person Who Does Things”. With Gratitude and Celebration…….

Lisa Karen Cohen, Director

Creative Arts & Parties for Kids

Play & Parties

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